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Preparation for a GC Referee Course

Candidates are expected to have:

  1. read through the entire GC Rules book at least once and to have studied carefully in particular the rules on Offside Balls, Wrong Ball and Faults;
  2. read through the CA Tournament Regulations regarding Refereeing, and be aware of the different roles a referee may take;
  3. understood the structure of the 16 top-level Rules plus appendices A & B, and to be aware of the Index as an aid to finding answers;
  4. attempted the set of practice questions and to have sent their answers to the course tutor or brought them to the course, as advised.

Candidates will also find it beneficial to have viewed the CA slow-motion videos of potentially faulty stokes. This is most easily done by obtaining "The Practical Side of Golf Croquet Refereeing" video produced by, and available from, Bill Arliss. The 2-disc DVD box set is divided into seven separate chapters as follows:

  1. Introduction
  2. Striking Faults
  3. High Speed Films
  4. Getting in the Right Position
  5. Double Taps and Ball Crushes
  6. Double Taps in Hoops
  7. Final Summary

Copies can be obtained direct from Bill Arliss for £10 (including delivery). Cheques should be payable to W. H. Arliss.