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10-10 Golf Croquet


10-10 Croquet is a derivative of Golf Croquet. It has been designed to provide an incentive for playing expeditiously. A time limit is set (usually 10 minutes) and this is applied to each team (in the case of doubles) or player. Although 10 minutes per team may seem short for a 13 point game, which can typically take 30-50minutes, experience suggests that it is adequate for most games to reach a natural conclusion without invoking the time limit.

The intention is to encourage a fast flowing game, enjoyable both for players and spectators. Running is not permitted should not prove necessary, the best way to save time is to think ahead when planning shot selections and to be in place and ready and to shoot as soon as the previous turn ends. Players who swing repeatedly over the ball may be at a disadvantage but the extra accuracy that this may generate provides some compensation.

10-10 Golf Croquet Rules

The following rules are supplemental to the Golf Croquet rules as published by Croquet England.