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10-10 Golf Croquet


10-10 Croquet is a derivative of Golf Croquet. It has been designed to provide an incentive for playing expeditiously. A time limit is set (usually 10 minutes) and this is applied to each team (in the case of doubles) or player. Although 10 minutes per team may seem short for a 13 point game, which can typically take 30-50minutes, experience suggests that it is adequate for most games to reach a natural conclusion without invoking the time limit. Most of our experience to date has been with doubles as the game does become more hectic as singles. We would also hope that it will be used extensively in winter where there are short days and a need to keep warm.

The intention is to encourage a fast flowing game, enjoyable both for players and spectators. Running around the courts should not prove necessary, the best way to save time is to think ahead when planning shot selections and to be in place and ready and to shoot as soon as the previous turn ends. Players who swing repeatedly over the ball may be at a disadvantage but the extra accuracy that this generates provides some compensation.

The rules (see below) are very much in a state of infancy at present as they are based on very limited experience and certainly not cast in stone. We hope that clubs will give this version of the game a try out during the close season and we would be pleased to hear of any suggestions that you may have to improve the game. To keep things moving, a small working party has been formed to coordinate all ideas. It is lead by John Spiers and includes Bill Arliss, Chris Sheen and Freda Vitty. Contact John if you want further info or would like to make some suggestions. We will also be happy to publicise any 10-10 events you might organise.

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An amendment was made before the start of the 2009 playing season; this is highlighted in italics below.

10-10 Golf Croquet Rules

The following rules are supplemental to the Golf Croquet rules as published by the CA.