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Using the Quiz

Using the Quiz App

Questions are asked at random from the set of questions not yet answered. Having read the question, select your answer from the options offered by clicking the option button next to it and clicking "Check My Answer".

A page then shows you whether you selected the correct answer or not, usually with a link to the published Rule(s)/Law(s) relevant to the question - click on the reference and it opens in a new window and scrolls to the reference.

An explanation follows of how the Law/Rule is applied to the question to get the correct answer.

Then your rolling score is shown and a button to continue: Ask Me Another Question

Managing Which Questions are Asked

The list of which questions you've answered is stored in a cookie on your machine. To reset the memory click "Forget which questions I've already answered" underneath the explanation when you answer a question.

If you are studying the Laws or Rules, you can focus attention on one or more Rules or Laws by filling in the box "Ask only about Rule/Law" at the foot of the question/answer page. You can be very specific (e.g. 20) or general and use a comma-separated list, e.g. 15, 17.2.3, 18, 19

If you wish to repeat (or draw attention to a particular question with an emailed link) add to the URL "&question=28" to see question 28, etc.

For Administrators

Members of the group Quiz Masters have full administrator rights over the quiz and this help page.

Questions can be edited and added online or in bulk by clicking the Manage Quiz menu option (note: available after clicking Enable Privileges).

Manage Quiz Options

The Manage Quiz page offers several simple options.

Click to View References

Shows a list of all the referenced Laws/Rules with a count of the number of questions that refer to them. Use this to target the generation of new questions to improve the spread and coverage.

Add Question

Add a new question with options and references - press save when you are done, else nothing happens.

Note that the reference to the relevant Law/Rule should be the full reference number exactly as it appears in the document. Multiple references should be separated with a comma and optional space, for example: 10.5.5(b), 10.6.1(c)

View All

Shows all the questions and answers in a table with buttons to add options or update any of the details.


This checks that every question has at least two options and exactly one is marked as the correct answer. It also checks all links vital to the correct operation of the system. Editors are advised to run this when they have added new questions or updated existing ones.


Renumbers the questions to ensure they start at question 1 and are numbered in sequence and uniquely. This is run automatically when the quiz is edited.

Spell Check

Runs the built-in spell checker on all the questions in the quiz.

View in Turn

Scrolls through the questions in numerical order, rather than at random to facilitate checking.

Do Quiz

Exits the management menu and starts the quiz as a regular user would see it.

Bulk Upload of Questions

An Excel spreadsheet is available that can be uploaded to completely replace the database content - this is not advised but is available on request.