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Golf Croquet Rankings

The Golf Croquet International Grading System ("GCIGS") is maintained by Stephen Mulliner for the World Croquet Federation and is based on results from all tournaments and competitions played world-wide to the internationally recognised "Rules of Golf Croquet" played as Level games. The performance of players from the UK (plus overseas players who are resident in the UK) is extracted from the International rankings by selecting the appropriate list.

Sending in Results

Managers of UK tournaments should send their qualifying results to results#croquet.org.uk, or on paper to the CA office. Narrative reports should be sent to news#croquet.org.uk. Handicap changes must be sent direct to the CA Office, even if they are included in a report.

All overseas results should be sent direct to Stephen Mulliner at snmulliner#gmail.com.

Please ensure results are submitted as promptly as possible.

If possible, please send results in an Excel spreadsheet with the following format:

Anyclub GC Open
3-5 October 2014
9 games

1 BLOGGS Fred beat DOE John 7 6
2 SMITH Bruce beat BROWN Peter 7 1
3 SMITH Bruce beat DOE John 7 4
4 BLOGGS Fred beat BROWN Peter 7 4
5 DOE John beat BROWN Peter 7 4
6 BLOGGS Fred beat SMITH Bruce 7 6
7 BLOGGS Fred beat SMITH Bruce 7 6
8 SMITH Bruce beat BLOGGS Fred 7 6
9 BLOGGS Fred beat SMITH Bruce 7 5

Tournament winner: Fred Bloggs


  • enter results in actual order of completion - and not grouped by player
  • use a separate cell for game number, WINNER SURNAME, winner forename, "beat", LOSER SURNAME, loser forename, winner points (usually 7 or 10 unless the game was won on time), loser points - i.e. a total of 8 cells per record
  • report best-of-three matches as two or three separate games
  • make clear who won the event (it's sometimes not obvious from the results!)
  • include forenames and ensure that spellings of both surnames and forenames are exactly correct
  • if there are any players new to the system please also supply their GC handicap