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Welcome to the Croquet Association!

If you are new to the CA, it may be because you have joined as a Premium Member, or because you have indicated to your club that you would like to become a Standard Member through them.

As a Member, you can access the members-only part of the website, by logging in. If you haven't yet established a login password, full instructions are below.

In the members' area, you can access the directory of members. You might like to try finding your own details, and make sure they say what you would expect. If any aspect is incorrect, then please let us know by contacting the CA Office. You can also introduce yourself to others by setting up a personal profile. Please note that for the moment, the feature to make your details visible only to fellow club members is not yet implemented, so others will be able to see your details only if you have indicated that you wish to be visible to all CA members.

You can also read both the current and past editions of the Croquet Gazette online. As a Member you will also get your own copy through the post unless you specifically tell us you don't want it.

You can also enter tournaments if you want to try competitive play. Premium Members get priority entry into them, as well as a discount on the entry fees, so if you are interested in playing in several of these you'll be better off becoming a Premium Member.

The CA does many things to help support ordinary club play, as well as helping to organise the tournament scene. We:

Read more about us and what we do in the Croquet Gazette!

If you wish to support the Croquet Association in the ongoing development of the game we love you could become a Supporter Member. Full details are on our Join the CA page.

Logging Into the CA Website for the First Time

To log in, you will need your registered email address and a password. If more than one of you share an email address then that's fine, the system will distinguish between you by the password you use.

If you are a new Standard Member you will already have an account set up by your club secretary, but your password will not yet be set. Please click the login button (at the top of every page) and select 'I've forgotten my password or have never logged in' then follow the instructions.

If the system does not recognise your email address, then check with your club secretary to make sure they have provided us with your details.


For results, news, reports, corrections, updates, etc. see contact the CA. As an anti-spam measure when not logged-in, # replaces @ in email addresses - click on the link as usual to send an email.

The CA will not share your personal details with any other organisation and undertakes to keep them confidential as described in our Security, Privacy, and Cookie Policies and Information.