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Referee Training Course Manual - Section 1

Referee Training Course Manual

Section 1 Preparation for a Course

A Referees' course is aimed at two types of players: firstly, those who wish to become Referees and will therefore take the examinations after the course, secondly at all other players who should be encouraged to attend so that they may gain a deeper understanding of the Laws of the game even though they never intend to become Referees.

A course covering the full set of Laws and appropriate Refereeing Regulations is unlikely to take less than two full days (or its equivalent if carried out over several evenings). Therefore when carrying out a course it is essential that the appropriate amount of time is allocated. A comfortable warm classroom is required, ideally with some form of blackboard/flipchart. A full size lawn with at least two diagonally opposite hoops and a peg is also required (ideally for the duration of the course).

A set of questions has been prepared and should be issued to all attendees to the course so that they may do some focused homework before the course (omitted from the online version).