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Referee Training Course Manual


In this section, we offer most of the notes and syllabus from a typical referees' course. These will allow you to see the nature of a course and what is required to become a referee. We encourage you to work through the material as it will give you an insight into the detail of the Laws.

In this web edition, we do not include the example questions used in actual courses in order to ensure they are fresh when the candidate sees them.

The extracts below are adapted from the Examining Referee's Handbook prepared by Barry Keen, converted to HTML by Ian Plummer and updated for the 7th edition of the laws by Ian Vincent.

The examination to become a Referee consists of two written question papers (one with use of the Laws Book and one without), and a practical examination on the court.

Referees' courses are organised around the country as needed. If you are interested in becoming an Association Croquet Referee and would like further details please contact the Laws Committee Chairman