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Club Finances

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Croquet clubs who are successful in the long term are built on sustainable finances

Finances are often a challenge for sports clubs and, whatever your situation, to manage your finances effectively, you should think about:

Do you recognise any of the following challenges that are commonly facing croquet clubs?

We would love to improve our facilities but are not a wealthy club.
Our members are not keen to see annual fees rise quickly so we need to find new ways of generating income.
We are struggling to find a new treasurer and possible candidates will want to know that support is available to help them.
We need to find funding for a new project but don't know where to look or how to apply.

If any or all of them do strike a chord with you then please either visit the Club Finances section of Sport England's Club Matters tool (Sport England Club Matters) to see some ideas on how to address them or, preferably, contact your Federation Development Officer (Clubs and Federations) who would be delighted to support you by, for example, facilitating a focused workshop at your club to help you generate a set well defined and impactful actions.