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Croquet Matters: A Club Development Framework

Croquet Matters is the CA's club development framework that builds on all of the existing support offered by the CA, the Federations and the Academies, which helps you to focus on any issue at your club and to find the best course of action to resolve it.

It makes extensive use of Sport England's Club Matters and comprises a self-assessment tool (the Club Improvement Tool) and a range of online toolkits for key areas.

If your club struggles with retaining members and volunteers, or with helping players to improve their games.

If recruiting new members is your main issue.

If your club wants to expand but has little cash or needs to find new sources of income.

If your club has a limited strategic focus and struggles to work towards short and long-term goals.

Visit Sport England Club Matters to find out more about the club-improvement tool, or contact your Federation Development Officer who will be delighted to support you by, for example, facilitating a focused Croquet Matters workshop at your club to help you generate a set of well-defined and impactful actions.