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Overseas Opponents

When playing against overseas players (whether at home or abroad), provided they have a current GC Ranking System record, they may be assigned a handicap based on their GCDG grade. Games against them may then be recorded on your Croquet England handicap card.

Assigning a Handicap Based on a GCDG Grade

If you are unfamiliar with the Ranking List, refer to the GC Ranking System guide. Be aware that although the default setting is to display only players who have played a minimum of 10 games in the past 12 months and who have a grade of 1200 or more, players who do not meet these two criteria are still recorded within the system. If you are unable to find a player who you know has played ranked GC games in the past, go down to the 'Player Full Record' area and enter their full name - this will find their details even if it was from several years ago.

If the player has played regularly in recent years and has what you consider to be a realistic Dynamic Grade and/or Actual Handicap, use those to set their handicap as described in the Overseas Players section of the Automatic Handicap System description.

Regular overseas visitors to UK tournaments who do not have a current GCDG grade may only be assigned a handicap by an authorised handicapper.

Playing Overseas

When a Croquet England Associate with a handicap is playing overseas in a country with a GC handicap scale from 12 to 0, the following approximate conversions to other systems can be suggested:

These conversions would also apply when an overseas player wants to record a game on their overseas handicap card against a Croquet England Associate with a handicap.