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Bursary Awards 2024

by John Reddish [^]
22nd May (CqE Official News)

On 20 May 2024 the CqE Funding Committee decided to award Bursaries under the CqE Scheme for 2024 to:

Richard Bilton (Gainsborough)

Jack Good (Bowden)

Thomas Halliday (Enfield)

Callum Johnson (York)

Giles Pepperell (Llanfairfechan)

Kim Taylor (Enfield)

Aston Wade (Hurlingham)

The total amount of these awards was £3,950.

The scheme was formulated in 2021 to provide financial support for potential international players of both Association and Golf Croquet. It is primarily intended to assist players under the age of 25 who wish to take part in tournaments and other challenging croquet activities to sustain and improve their performance and require assistance with the costs involved. Preference is given to applicants who are under 25 but older players may also apply for and receive awards. A Bursary is a grant to a successful applicant rather than reimbursement of a proportion of the expenses incurred by him or her.

Royal Patronage


by Croquet England [^]
7th May (CqE Official News)

It is with great pleasure that we have today received a letter from Buckingham Palace informing us that, following the review of patronages by the senior members of the Royal Family, His Majesty King Charles lll is delighted to accept the patronage of Croquet England.

King Charles follows in the footsteps of his mother Queen Elizabeth ll, his grandfather King George Vl, his great-uncle Edward Vlll and his great-grandfather King George V, who became croquet's first royal patron on Sept 6th 1906.

Advice on when it is, or is not, appropriate to refer to our Royal Patron can be obtained from the Croquet England office.

Chester lost to Bowdon 2-3

by Robin Tasker at Chester [^]
28 May 2024 (AC - Mary Rose)

Mary Rose
Chester 2 - 3 Bowdon

Played at Chester CC, 28 May 2024

Chester names first:

Morning Session
Robin Tasker (4.5) and David Boyd (5) lost to Michael Sandler (1.5) and Andrew Thompson (4) 13-17 (t)
Mark Lloyd (0.5) beat Adrian Apps (2.5) 26-16

Afternoon Session
Mark beat Michael 26-21
Robin lost to Adrian 11-26
David lost to Andrew 9-26

High Wycombe lost to Sussex County 3-4

by Christine Trice at High Wycombe [^]
25 May 2024 (AC - Longman Cup)

Sussex County beat High Wycombe 4 - 3
Longman Cup played at High Wycombe on Sat 25th May 2024

Raghu Iyer & Matt Griffiths beat Mark Hamilton & Chrissie Merrington +17
Kevin Ward lost to Simon Fenn-Tye -11
Richard Coward lost to David Gillett -5

Raghu Iyer beat Mark Hamilton +11
Richard Coward lost to Chrissie Merrington -1(t)
Kevin Ward lost to David Gillett -13
Matt Griffiths beat Simon Fenn-Tye +18

East Dorset beat Blewbury 6-1

by Chris Weedon at East Dorset [^]
25 May 2024 (AC - Longman Cup)

On 25 May, East Dorset beat Blewbury 6-1.

The detailed results are on Croquet Scores, but for completeness they were as follows (ED first):

Andy Meikel beat Nigel Cox 16-10
Mike Rice beat Steve Fisher 26-7
Alan Jones lost to Andrew Petit 14-18
Steve Leonard beat Andy Evason 26-14
Alan Jones beat Andy Evason 21-14
Steve Leonard beat Andrew Petit 23-16
Rice/Meikel beat Fisher/Cox 20-11

High Wycombe lost to Watford 2-4

by Simon Hathrell at High Wycombe [^]
11 May 2024 (GC - Inter-Club Shield)

GC Inter-Club (Murphy) Shield          
High Wycombe vs Watford          
11th May 2024 at High Wycombe        
Result: High Wycombe lost to Watford 2-4      
Teams & handicaps:            
High Wycombe:            
TOOVEY Keith 2          
HIGGINS Mark 3          
DOCK Martin 5          
WEBBLEY Chris 5          
CHUNG Eddie 1          
JOHNSON Geoffrey 2          
REED Arthur 2          
SKINNER George 3          
Scores (completed singles games only):        
13 games              
1 REED Arthur beat DOCK Martin 7 5
2 REED Arthur beat DOCK Martin 7 6
3 WEBBLEY Chris beat SKINNER George 7 4
4 WEBBLEY Chris beat SKINNER George 7 4
5 CHUNG Eddie beat TOOVEY Keith 7 6
6 CHUNG Eddie beat TOOVEY Keith 7 1
7 HIGGINS Mark beat JOHNSON Geoffrey 7 5
8 JOHNSON Geoffrey beat HIGGINS Mark 7 6
9 WEBBLEY Chris beat REED Arthur 7 3
10 WEBBLEY Chris beat REED Arthur 7 6
11 SKINNER George beat DOCK Martin 7 4
12 DOCK Martin beat SKINNER George 7 6
13 SKINNER George beat DOCK Martin 7 6

Sussex County lost to East Dorset 3-4

by Gabrielle Higgins at Sussex County [^]
22nd May (AC - Inter-Club)

East Dorset Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club beat Sussex County Croquet Club 4-3 at Sussex County Croquet Club on 22 May 2024

Game scores (SCCC names first)

Event AC Inter-Club Championship
Date 22.5.24
Type single
Order firstname
Games 6

1 Paul Castell lost to Teddy Wilmot-Sitwell -22
2 Tudor Jenkins lost to David Fuller -23

3 Dominic Nunns beat Jeff Dawson +3
4 Gabrielle Higgins beat Jonathan Powe +7
5 Paul Castell lost to David Fuller -17
6 Tudor Jenkins beat Teddy Wilmot- Sitwell +25tp

Plus Dominic Nunns and Gabrielle Higgins lost to Jeff Dawson and Jonathan Powe -16


Dominic Nunns (-2)
Gabrielle Higgins (-2)
Paul Castell (-0.5)
Tudor Jenkins (-1)

Jeff Dawson (-2)
Jonathan Powe (-2)
David Fuller (-1.5)
Teddy Wilmot-Sitwell (-0.5)

Surbiton beat Hurlingham 4-3

by Andy Dibben at Unknown - not stated [^]
22nd May (AC - Mary Rose)

On a rather dull and drizzly day Surbiton beat Hurlingham 4:3 in a closely fought contest.

With the tie level at 3:3 it was all down to the result of the last game Barry Holland vs Guy Hewitt. With Guy having had one of his balls pegged out and having got the other to peg, Barry hit in and completed a 3 ball break from hoop 2 to win the game +1 and the match 4:3.

Results - Surbiton names first:
George Noble & Barry Holland lost to Alan Chance and Guy Hewitt -10
Mary Knapp beat David Owen +19
Graham Brightwell lost to Stephen Allen -20
George Noble beat Alan Chance +22
Mary Knapp lost to Stephen Allen -25
Graham Brightwell beat David Owen +21
Barry Holland beat Guy Hewitt +1

Guildford beat East Dorset 4-2

by Andrea Huxley at Unknown - not stated [^]
20 May 2024 (GC - Inter-Club Shield)

ICS (Murphy Shield): Guildford & Godalming v East Dorset CC
14 Games
Andy Dochniak & Tim Hughes beat Phil Davies & Douglas Shand 3-7,7-6,7-5

1 GOSDEN John beat ALLAN Sandra 7 3
2 ALLAN Sandra beat GOSDEN John 7 5
3 GOSDEN John beat ALLAN Sandra 7 4
4 ADAMS Peter beat SOUTHERN Keith 7 6
5 ADAMS Peter beat SOUTHERN Keith 7 3
6 DOCHNIAK Andy beat DAVIES Phil 7 0
7 DAVIES Phil beat DOCHNIAK Andy 7 3
8 DOCHNIAK Andy beat DAVIES Phil 7 5
9 SHAND Douglas beat HUGHES Tim 7 5
10 SHAND Douglas beat HUGHES Tim 7 5
11 GOSDEN John beat SOUTHERN Keith 7 4
12 SOUTHERN Keith beat GOSDEN John 7 3
13 ADAMS Peter beat ALLAN Sandra 7 5
14 ADAMS Peter beat ALLAN Sandra 7 4

Guildford & Godalming CC best East Dorset CC 4 -2
( one match Gosden v Southern was nor completed)

Nottingham beat Bristol 6-1

by Alex McIntyre at Nottingham [^]
15 May 2024 (AC - Mary Rose)

Nottingham vs Bristol at Nottingham. 15th May 2024.

Nottingham names first.

Mike Hedge (0) & Alex McIntyre (0) beat Dom Aarvold (0) & Martin Leach +3t.
Ian Draper (1.5) beat Richard Williamson (4.5) +17t.
John Filsak (3) beat Frances Ransom (7) +21

Mike beat Dom +5
Alex lost to Martin -2t
Ian beat Frances +17t
John beat Richard +18.

Shrewsbury beat Pinchbeck 5-2

by David Hart at Northampton [^]
15 May 2024 (AC - Longman Cup)

Shrewsbury V Pinchbeck
Played on 15th May 2024 at Northampton Croquet Club
Result - Shrewsbury 5 Pinchbeck 2

Morning singles Results ( Shrewsbury names first)
Phil Extance (10) beat Ken Knock (8) +1
David Hart (10) beat Mike Bowser (4) +18
Doubles Result
Margaret Extance(14) and Alberto Porras (20) lost to Charles Ostler (3.5) and David Boxell (22) -11

Afternoon singles
Phil Extance (10) lost to Charles Ostler(3.5) -3
David Hart (10) beat David Boxell (22) +7
Margaret Extance (14) beat Mike Bowser(4) +1
Alberto Porras (20) beat Ken Knock(8) +1


The pristine lawns of Northampton Croquet Club provided the ideal setting for a thrilling encounter between Pinchbeck and Shrewsbury Croquet Clubs in the Longman Cup.

Played on neutral ground because of the distances between the two Clubs, Pinchbeck, from Lincolnshire, on their return to the competition after a number of years, provided a stern test to Shrewsbury, with three of the seven matches finishing with only a hoop between the teams.

It was a credit to the handicapping system that with only five minutes left on the clock, the result was far from certain, with two games hanging in the balance. However, finally, it was Shrewsbury who triumphed, with Alberto Porras and Margaret Extance holding their nerve under pressure to take the Shropshire Club through to the next round.

Woking beat Ealing 4-3

by Sara Anderson at Woking [^]
17 May 2024 (AC - Longman Cup)

Woking Beat Ealing 4-3 on 17th May 2024

Longman Cup - 17th May 2024
Woking v Ealing

Sara Anderson & Colin Groves beat Tony Elliott & John Hutchinson +7(t)
Andy Kelson lost to David Graham -10(t)
Max Byfield walk over as Ealing player arrived 1.5hours late .

Sara Anderson lost to Tony Elliott -6(t)
Colin Groves beat Colin McKenzie +20
Max Byfield beat David Graham +12
Andy Kelson lost to John Hutchinson -4(t)

Match result Woking 4 Ealing 3

Bowdon lost to Hurlingham 2-5

by Angharrad Walters at Bowdon [^]
19th May (AC - Inter-Club)

Walters & Winn beat Ormerod & Wade +20TP(Wa)
Nigel Polhill beat Euan Burridge +12
Jack Good beat Tom Coles +1
Tom Coles beat Euan Burridge +11
Aston Wade beat Angharrad Walters +16
Nigel Polhill beat Jack Good +10
Mark Ormerod beat Andrew Winn +2

Watford lost to Hurlingham 3-4

by Richard Andrews at Watford [^]
18 May 2024 (AC - Longman Cup)

Roehampton beat Tunbridge Wells 5-2

by Peter Siddall at Roehampton [^]
17 May 2024 (AC - Mary Rose)

Doubles: Nick Yates and Peter Siddall beat Jolyon Creasey and Jon Diamond +20


Tony Salem beat Tim Luke +17
Diana Wilson beat John Greenwood. +23

Nick Yates beat Jolyon Creasey +26
Jon Diamond beat Peter Siddall +6
John Greenwood beat Tony Salem +5
Diana Wilson beat Tim Luke +18

Bury beat Kenilworth 6-1

by Ken Jones at Unknown - not stated [^]
11 May 2024 (AC - Secretary's Shield)

Wrest Park lost to Woking 1-5

by Mike Town at Wrest Park [^]
14th May (AC - Inter-Club)

Woking beat Wrest Park 5-1
14 May 2024 at Wrest Park

David Marsh & Bryan Harral lost to Annabel McDiarmid & Mike Town -24
George Collin lost to Andrew Dutton -5

David Marsh lost to Annabel McDiarmid -10
Bryan Harral lost to Mike Town -3
George Collin lost to Nick Harvey -2
John Bevington beat Andrew Dutton +5

Richard Gardiner wins East Dorset A Level 0+

pictureRichard Gardiner wins East Dorset A Level 0+

by Steve Leonard at East Dorset Lawn Tennis & Croquet Club [^]
13th May (GC - Tournaments)

14 players from 9 different clubs and one visitor from Norway made their way to deepest Dorset to compete at East Dorset in the GC A Level 0+ series tournament.

Reigning champion Andy Dochniak topped block A after day one with 5/6 wins while rookie Nick O'Connor followed close behind on 4/6.

Block B was even tighter with both Mark Hamann & Richard Gardiner tied on 5/6 with Mark topping the group on net hoops. These were joined in the knock out on Sunday by Liz Drury, Marc Colson, Robert Cook and David Russell.

Then the rains came and then some more rain!

The manager feared the worst, with construction work being done at the East Dorset club, resulting in only 3 lawns being available to accommodate 14 player (14 into 3 does not go well), he could not afford to lose another lawn, thankfully the remaining lawns withstood the deluge and play began on time on Sunday to everyones surprise.

Liz defeated Nick 10/9, Andy saw off Marc Colson 10/7 whilst both Mark Hamann and Richard defeated Robert and David respectively 10/7.

Richard beat Andy 7/5 7/6 in the first semi whilst the 2nd semi final was a long battle with Mark eventually getting the better of Liz 7/5 5/7 7/4.

The final saw Richard (Dowlish Wake) up against East Dorset home player Mark Hamann.

Richard's very accurate long distance clearing eventually wore down a very stubborn Mark to take home the trophy finally winning 7/5 2/7 7/5.

Andy Jones beat Viggo Olsen in the plate final, and a mention must go to Steve Flay playing his first tournament off of a 6 h/c whilst winning only one match he was pipped 3 times 6/7 so a very promising start to his competitive play.

Huge thanks go to Kirin the East Dorset groundsman for managing to prepare and keep 3 lawns playable after days of torrential rain.

The catering excelled themselves yet again with play on Sunday being delayed whilst 12 of the 14 players indulged in a full Sunday roast.

Newport lost to Watford 2-4

by Simon Hathrell at Newport [^]
8 May 2024 (AC - Mary Rose)

Result Newport lost to Watford 2-4

Teams & handicaps:
Andrew Gregory (2)
Cliff Jones (2)
Matthew Hardy (5)
Chris van Essen (8)

Brian Havill (0.5)
Gary Bennett (2.5)
Stephen Mills (3)
Arthur Reed (3.5)

Scores (Watford names first):
1 Brian Havill & Gary Bennett beat Andrew Gregory & Cliff Jones +7
2 Stephen Mills beat Chris van Essen +9
3 Arthur Reed lost to Matthew Hardy -16
4 Gary Bennett beat Cliff Jones +12
5 Stephen Mills lost to Matthew Hardy -9
6 Arthur Reed beat Chris van Essen +21

Brian Havill vs Andrew Gregory unfinished.

Steve Pearson won the Camerton & Peasedown B-Level

by Colin Britt at Camerton & Peasedown [^]
10th May (GC - Tournaments)

The 2024 Camerton and Peasedown tournament was played on the day the weather began to turn. We had heavy rain overnight leaving some parts of the grounds with rather heavy going, but ended the day with brilliant sunshine.

The tournament was played in four all play all blocks of four. In blocks A and B the top two seeds Steve Durston and Steve Pearson won all their matches but the other two qualifiers were the two players with the lowest D grades in the tournament, Nigel Wulcko and Tony Mayer. Well done to them. The top two seeds Martin Strange and Graham McCausland progressed from group C whilst fourth seed Keith Bryant could only come second in group D to Peter Tremble.

Many of the games in the blocks were very close with 14 of the 24 matches ending either 7-6 or 7-5.

In the afternoon knockout three group winners continued their winning form in the quarter finals with only Tony beating Peter. In the semis, Tony continued his good form defeating Martin and Steve Pearson won the battle of the Steves. Again there were some hard fought close matches.

The final, however was far from close as Tony's excellent winning streak came to an abrupt 7-0 end as he commented that Steve Pearson was running hoops from everywhere.

In the plate event home player Des Back came good to win the final over Bath's Bob Hart in a much more entertaining match as Des fought back to overcome Bob's early lead and win 7-6 much to the delight of the home crowd.

Westmorland lost to York 2-5

by Chris Atkinson at York [^]
10th May (AC - Longman Cup)

Chester beat Ashby 6-1

by John Hampson at Chester [^]
10th May (GC - Inter-Club Shield)

Another warm sunny day at Chester Croquet Club (perhaps spring has finally arrived) saw Ashby Croquet Club visiting us for the second round of the Murphy Shield.

The match started well for Chester with the home advantage of sloping lawns "tipping the balance" in favour of the home team. Chester won the doubles and both singles sessions in the morning and so were three-nil up by lunch. By the afternoon Ashby had adapted well to the local conditions, but even so Chester pulled further ahead with wins in the first three sessions. However, Andy Sherwood managed to save match point on the golden hoop of his second game with David Boyd, and then stormed through the final game to win the final session 2 games to 1 and make the score Chester 6, Ashby 1. Thank you to the Ashby team for an enjoyable and sociable day in the sunshine.

Chester now go on to play in the quarter finals, where they will play the winners of the Branston versus Croquet Durham match.

Result of individual games

England: Inter-Club 'Murphy' Shield, Chester v Ashby

9 May 2024


16 Games

1 BOYD & LLOYD DavidW & Mark beat SHERWOOD & HAYTACK Andy & Michael 7 2
2 BOYD & LLOYD DavidW & Mark beat SHERWOOD & HAYTACK Andy & Michael 7 3
3 HAMPSON John beat ROWE Judith 7 1
4 ROWE Judith beat HAMPSON John 7 4
5 HAMPSON John beat ROWE Judith 7 6
6 CLEMENTS Sarah beat WHITE Stephanie 7 3
7 CLEMENTS Sarah beat WHITE Stephanie 7 3
8 BOYD DavidW beat SHERWOOD Andy 7 4
9 SHERWOOD Andy beat BOYD DavidW 7 6
10 SHERWOOD Andy beat BOYD DavidW 7 3
11 LLOYD Mark beat HAYTACK Michael 7 2
12 LLOYD Mark beat HAYTACK Michael 7 5
13 HAMPSON John beat WHITE Stephanie 7 6
14 HAMPSON John beat WHITE Stephanie 7 3
15 CLEMENTS Sarah beat ROWE Judith 7 4
16 CLEMENTS Sarah beat ROWE Judith 7 6

Neil Coote won the Woking Super-B-Level

by Sara Anderson at Woking [^]
9th May (AC)

The Woking Super B Level for 0+ handicaps was played on 25th and 26th April. We had a very tight handicap range of 0-2.5 which made for a very exciting competition.

The Tournament was won very convincingly by Neil Coote of Reigate Priory.

We had 14 players so played a Swiss.

Neil won 6 out of 6 and made the Managers Job very easy deciding the Winner.

The Runner Up position was not so easy and there was a three way tie, which after much deliberation resulting in the runner being declared as Mike Hedge from Nottingham.

He was followed very closely by Stephen Allen from Hurlingham and Teddy Wilmot-Sitwell from Dulwich who like Mike both had 4 wins.

Full Results are on Croquet Scores.

Jonathan Kirby won the Prichard

pictureJonathan Kirby receiving the Lord Fermoy Cup from Caroline Harper (Hunstanton Club Chair)

by Nick Harris at Hunstanton [^]
9th May (AC)

The Prichard, The Open Advanced Tournament at Hunstanton from the 4th to the 6th May for the Lord Fermoy Cup was won by Jonathan Kirby with 8 from 9 losing only to Sam Murray, the runner up on 7 from 9. 19 players managed 68 games in the three days helped by good weather, smooth lawns and a warm welcome.

Sussex County beat Cheam 5-1

by Brian Aikens at Sussex County [^]
9th May (GC - Inter-Club Shield)

  Winner Surname Winner Forename Loser Surname Loser Forename  
1 Yudintsev Konstantin beat Ore Ray 7 3
2 Fenn-Tye Simon beat Nicholas Anthony 7 5
3 Yudintsev Konstantin beat Ore Ray 7 6
4 Fenn-Tye Simon beat Nicholas Anthony 7 6
5 Aikens Brian beat Cook Robert 7 5
6 Ancell Simon beat Horne John 7 6
7 Aikens Brian beat Cook Robert 7 4
8 Ancell Simon beat Horne John 7 3
9 Fenn-Tye Simon beat Ore Ray 7 6
10 Ore Ray beat Fenn-Tye Simon 7 4
11 Ore Ray beat Fenn-Tye Simon 7 4
12 Nicholas Anthony beat Yudintsev Konstantin 7 3
13 Yudintsev Konstantin beat Nicholas Anthony 7 4
14 Yudintsev Konstantin beat Nicholas Anthony 7 5
Match Winner: Sussex County   5-1 (Doubles not completed)    
Handicaps Surname Forename          
SCCC Aikens Brian 1        
SCCC Ancell Simon 2        
SCCC Yudintsev Konstantin 3        
SCCC Fenn-Tye Simon 4        
Cheam Cook Robert 2        
Cheam Horne John 2        
Cheam Nicholas Tony 3        
Cheam Ore Ray 4        

Jack Good wins the GC Championship at Nailsea

pictureJack Good & David Hunt (Photo: Louise Smith)

by Louise Smith at Nailsea [^]
8th May (GC - Championships)

Congratulations to Jack Good from Bowdon who won the inaugural GC Championship held at Nailsea Croquet Club on 4-5th May.

The main trophy was kindly donated and presented by the outgoing treasurer, David Hunt.

The tournament results can be seen here, with a full tournament report to be featured in the Gazette:

Winner : Jack Good, Bowdon.

Runner-Up : Richard Bilton, Gainsborough.

Bowl : Stuart M. Smith, Budleigh.

Plate : Stephen Custance Baker, Taunton Deane.

Andrew Killick wins AC Handicap Singles Tournament

by Dennis Scarr at Middlesborough [^]
8th May (AC - Handicap)

At a time when some AC Tournaments struggle for numbers we had a very healthy turnout of 14 players for our Handicap Singles Weekend. A very good response for early season when the weather can be, well, iffy.

And on the subject of iffy weather, we certain had it. Saturday was mostly cold with steady drizzle and very occasional bright spots. Obviously the weather exhausted itself trying to sustain reasonable croquet weather on the Saturday because on Sunday, the weather was quite simply dire. Cold conditions were maintained however the drizzle gave way to proper rain - in bucket loads leading to squelchy lawns and soggy players. The downpour did eventually relent - just as we were locking up and heading for home !

Handicaps ranged from 20 to minus 1.5. Full of good intensions we began Saturday with 2 Blocks, playing 18 point games with 2 hour time limits. The time limit seemed about right with only a handful of games going to time. The target was to achieve 4 rounds on Saturday and that worked out just fine.

As the reality of Sunday weather struck home and with our happy band of 14 players reduced to 9 the Blocks were abandoned to focus on games between those players with 100% records from day 1.

Thankfully 2 rounds on Sunday gave us a winner. In a very tight Final, Andrew Killick ( minus 1.5 ) beat Mark Simmerson ( 3.5 ) plus 2.

It must be said that our 4 lawns are very much improved - our second year of Duncan Hectors Lawn Maintenance Programme is coming along quite nicely.

Special mention to our 5 visitors from Nottingham Croquet Club, to Stephen Pratt who decided to return to AC Croquet after a couple of decades away, to Mark Simmerson from Sheffield Croquet Club who is a regular supporter of our Tournaments and to Croquet North and Middlesbrough Club Members for supporting the Tournament.

So on behalf of Managers Charles Waterfield and myself im thanking everyone really

Individual Records For The Tournament

Andrew Killick hc minus 1.5 = 6/6

Mark Simmerson hc 3.5 = 4/5

Dennis Scarr hc minus 0.5 = 5/6

N. Durie hc 11 = 3/5

Julian Gibson hc 10 = 3/5

Julieann Trembling hc 18 = 2/3

Terry Vernazza hc 4 = 3/6

D. Johnson hc 11 = 2/6

Stephen Pratt hc 12 = 2/6

Sarah Butler hc 16 = 1/4

Peggy Deller hc 18 = 1/4

Cathy Turski hc 18 = 1/3

Nicky Newberry hc 18 = 0/3

Barbara Walton hc 20 = 0/4

Jon Carrington wins GC (0+) 'A' Level Series Tournament at Bury

pictureJon Carrington in play (Photo: Sue Worth)

by Sue Worth at Bury [^]
8th May (GC - Tournaments)

Jon Carrington (Broadwas) won the GC 'A' Level Tournament at Bury beating Tony McCann (Backworth) in a tight match that played out at (7-5, 5-7, 7-5)

12 players were welcomed to Whitehead Park, Bury on a dull, rainy day which improved to be dull but thankfully dry. The weather, however, did nothing to dampen the spirits of the players, buoyed up by the now customary Bury bacon butties!

Day 1 started with play in the two blocks. In Block A, Jon Carrington (Broadwas) made excellent progress, winning all his 6 games. Tony McCann (Backworth) and Richard Leach (Bury) each had 3 wins and Martyn Seal (Llanfairfechan) had 2 wins thus making up four of the Quarter Final places.

In Block B, Tom Grievson (Chester) and Glynis Davies (Northampton) both with 4 wins, Michael Bilton (Gainsborough), with 3 wins and Sandra Cornes (Crake V) with 2 wins completed the rest of the line up for Quarter Final .

The Quarter Finals were 19-point games, of which, Jon Carrington v Sandra Cornes and Richard Leach v Glynis Davies were very close 10-9 and 10-8 respectively. Tony McCann beat Michael Bilton 10-3 and Martyn Seal beat Tom Grievson 10-6.

The weather on the final day was perfect - blue skies, sunshine and very warm and another day of excellent play ensued.

The Semi Final games were played Best of Three, but Jon and Tony needed only two games each to secure their places in the Final. Jon beat Richard 7-5, 7-4 and Tony beat Martyn 7-1, 7- 4.

Sandra Cornes, Glynis Davies, Michael Bilton and Tom Grievson contested the Shield, in which Sandra took 2 games from Glynis to win but Michael had to play a deciding game to overcome Tom. Michael Bilton progressed to win the Shield by beating Sandra 7-3, 7-3.

David Cornes (Crake V), Graham Jowett ((Crake V), Andrew Carpenter (Durham) and Bernard Lord (Bury) contested the Plate and David Cornes won all his games to take it.

The Final pitched the two best players of the weekend together and it proved to be a close, exciting match, thoroughly enjoyed by all those watching. Jon emerged victorious, beating Tony 7-5, 5-7, 7-5 to take the Cup.

Full results can be seen on

Club Chairman Roy Spencer presented the winners with their trophies and thanked the players and their supporters for coming and the following for making the weekend such a success:

- Referee for both days - John Crossland

- Tournament Manager - David Barrett

- Admin and Croquet Scores -Simon Attwell and Sue Worth

- Refreshments - Gail Burnett and Barbara Duncan (both days) and help from Vi, Elaine, Helen A and Barbara E

- The Grounds Team, (who did an excellent job preparing the lawns to a very good standard, after so much rain over the past few weeks and setting up the lawns

The Coles Championship

by David Fuller [^]
7th May (AC - Championships)

The Coles Championship, held at Cheltenham Croquet Club every May Bank Holiday, is regarded as one of the most prestigious in the UK Croquet calendar, and the wonderful Silver Trophy awaiting the winner certainly reflected that claim.

The Main Event was a fully seeded draw, best of three knockout, Advanced rules, or Super Advanced on player agreement. A Consolation flexible Swiss ran in parallel for those unfortunate enough to be knocked out.

Arriving early on the first day, I was greeted by the view of the main eight lawns looking in great condition and with a host of club members and ground staff, led by Jim Blenkinsop, mowing, swishing and generally getting everything in tip top shape. I can confirm that the lawns played very well indeed.

A high-quality field was led by Reg Bamford, David Maugham, and last year's winner, David Goacher. The standard of play was excellent throughout and, personally, I was very pleased to see my first live sextuple! In fact I saw my first FIVE!... you wait for ages then five come along together.

The first round went to seeding, although Dave Kibble needed a TPO to get past Robert Dodds 2-1, and the Lorna Dewar / Louise Bradforth was a marathon decided on time after a nine-hour struggle. I had to feel for Reg who was waiting to play the winner for just over six and a half hours, after completing a TP and an SXP in not much more than two hours.

The second round was a tighter affair in the bottom half of the draw, with our reigning champion David 'The Goat' Goacher butting horns with our Tournament Manager, Mark Suter, eventually winning the third game. I was very pleased to take a game off David Maugham, and did have chances for the winner, but David's experience told in the end winning 2-1 - I have so much to learn!

Reg carried on serenely with another SXP then TP against Louise, who had the cheek to win the opening in the first game and go round! Sadly for Louise, Reg hit the lift and that was it. Don't poke the bear! Duncan Reeve beat Dave Kibble 2-0, although I was concerned to see a +2tp. I had one of those two weeks ago and got an ear-bashing from James Death that I didn't peg an oppo ball out first for a +1tp. I didn't know that was a thing, but apparently it is an important thing. Duncan, what went wrong?

Into the semis, and the weather was glorious on the Sunday afternoon! Reg, against Duncan, had another SXP and then slipped up with a simple +19. Duncan later advised that he had set a Sextuple Leave himself in one of the games, only to see Reg hit the Tea Lady shot three-quarter-ball.

In the other semi, playing Super Advanced, DavidM against DavidG, DavidM was of course completely aware of this +1tp thing and won the first game with that score after being 2 and 2 vs peg and peg, much to the amusement of the gallery. Don't poke the Goat either, because DavidG won the last two to move into the final.

The final was able to start at midday on Monday and so was declared to be best of three, Super Advanced. It was a pity that there was no video, as I am sure that most of us could learn a thing or two from Reg's two SXPs to take the trophy. That was 5 SXPs out of 8 for the tournament. The conditions were not particularly punishing, but even so, quality stuff. Congratulations Reg.

The rest of us were battling it out in the Consolation Event, in which Duncan Reeve defeated Dave Kibble +11 in the play-off.

What a great event! I will certainly make this a regular on my calendar. Many thanks to the ladies who provided such excellent lunches and teas and making the sound of the lunch bell a highlight of the day. Many thanks also to the many club members ensuring the great playing conditions. Finaly thanks to Mark Suter for keeping us all so well organised.

Roehampton beat Compton 5-2

by Diana Wilson at Roehampton [^]
4 May 2024 (AC - Longman Cup)

Roehampton Club beat Compton by 5-2 today at Roehampton.

On Saturday 4th May, Roehampton Club played Compton in the first round of the Longman Cup and won 5-2.

The Roehampton team, captained by Diana Wilson, consisted of Tony Salem (4), Andrew Wilson (9), Howard Railton (14) and Diana Wilson (6). Compton's team, captained by Richard Platt, was Hilary Smith (6), Richard Platt (10), Gerald O'Brien (10) and Liz Drury (18).

The morning session started well for Roehampton with Diana beating Hilary +23 and Tony and Howard winning the doubles +15.

So with a score of 2-1 to Roehampton the afternoon of singles matches began. Diana got in an early win against Gerald +21. However, a really close match was developing between Tony and Hilary, who pegged her pink ball out with white on peg when Tony was on penult with both his balls. Somehow Tony managed to claw back to win by just one point on his last turn after time had been called.

Meanwhile, Liz Drury, a very good GC player, was playing her first AC fixture. Despite losing to Howard, she thoroughly enjoyed the experience and we will no doubt see more of her in the future.

The weather was kind to us and a very enjoyable day was had by all.

The full results were:
In the first session:
Tony Salem and Howard Railton beat Richard Platt and Liz Drury +15
Diana Wilson beat Hilary Smith +23
Andrew Wilson lost to Gerald O'Brien -7

In the second session:
Tony Salem beat Hilary Smith +1
Diana Wilson beat Gerald O'Brien +21
Howard Railton beat Liz Drury +13
Andrew Wilson lost to Richard Platt -10

Compton beat Roehampton 6-1

by Richard Platt at Compton [^]
3rd May (GC - Inter-Club Shield)

1 O'BRIEN Gerald beat GREEN Mark 7 2
2 PLATT Richard beat TUMATH Mike 7 3
3 O'BRIEN Gerald beat GREEN Mark 7 5
4 TUMATH Mike beat PLATT Richard 7 6
5 TUMATH Mike beat PLATT Richard 7 5
6 KNAPP Mary beat DRURY Liz 7 5
7 JAMES Tony beat WILSON Andrew 7 1
8 O'BRIEN Gerald beat TUMATH Mike 7 6
9 PLATT Richard beat GREEN Mark 7 4
10 DRURY Liz beat KNAPP Mary 7 4
11 JAMES Tony beat WILSON Andrew 7 3
12 O'BRIEN Gerald beat TUMATH Mike 7 6
13 PLATT Richard beat GREEN Mark 7 6
14 DRURY Liz beat KNAPP Mary 7 4

Handicaps (matches only)

JAMES Tony 4
O'BRIEN Gerald 4
PLATT Richard 5
KNAPP Mary 2
WILSON Andrew 3
GREEN Mark 4

Wrest Park beat Pinchbeck 4-3

by Bryan Harral at Wrest Park [^]
2nd May (AC - Mary Rose)

Wrest Park beat Pinchbeck 4 - 3

Wrest Park names first

John Bevington and Tim Brewer lost to Adrian Kirby and Gordon Mills -24
Tim Nurse lost to Charles Ostler -18
Peter Rothwell beat Mike Bowser +24

John Bevington beat Adrian Kirby +20
Tim Brewer lost to Gordon Mills -5T
Peter Rothwell beat Charles Ostler +4T
Tim Nurse beat Mike Bowser +1T

Ashby lost to Bowdon 2-5

by Arthur Rowe at Ashby [^]
2nd May (AC - Longman Cup)

Ashby entertained Bowdon on what turned out to be a lovely spring day.

Mick Haytack (10)
Richard Sanville (11)
Adam Wheatley (11)
Andy Sherwood (16)

Andrew Thomson (4)
Liz Webb (12)
Ed Chatham (14)
Cas Sinclair (18)

Morning games (Ashby names first)
Mick & Andy lost to Andrew and Cas -8T
Richard lost to Ed -1T
Adam lost to Liz -12T

Both doubles pairs played alternate strokes, with Andrew and Cas taking better advantage of this format than the Ashby pair. Richard lost a close game to Ed; Adam didn't get going until too late in the game. So it was 3-0 to Bowdon at lunchtime.

Afternoon games (Ashby names first)

Mick lost to Andrew -18
Richard lost to Liz -22
Adam beat Ed +1T
Andy beat Cas +8T

The lawns were damp and slow in the morning, but dried out for the afternoon giving easier conditions. Andy Sherwood played aggressively for Ashby in his first ever competitive AC singles game and was rewarded when Cas was unable to capitalise on the chances that she received. Ed lost at the golden hoop after time to Adam, but Mick and Richard were outplayed in the afternoon session which ended with a 5-2 win for Bowdon.

East Dorset beat High Wycombe 5-2

by David Fuller at East Dorset [^]
2nd May (AC - Secretary's Shield)

An interesting match as High Wycombe had opted for high bisquers in this first round of the national handicap knock-out event, and so all matches had a number of bisques in play.

In the fine rain, the morning session saw EDCC race to a 3-0 lead: Jeff/AlanJ combining well, ChrisW playing well, and myself being bloody well lucky! After I had pegged my oppo out, he used his one bisque left to start a three-ball break from H1, only breaking down from a 12 inch approach to Rover! I had a two foot hit in and was able to go round from H1 to win +2.

After a light lunch, ChrisW and myself rather benefitted from our opponents wasting a large number of bisques allowing us to put the match result in no doubt. But my morning opponent seemed to have learnt from his mistake against me and played the same excellent croquet without the error allowing Jeff only one 30yd shot before pegging out +26. That's handicap play!

Full results:

Jeff Dawson (-2) & Alan Jones (6) beat Richard Coward (10) and Kenny Weir (16) +4t
David Fuller (-1.5) beat Richard Peperell (2) +2
Chris Weedon (4) beat Matthew Miles-Griffiths (20) +14

Jeff Dawson (-2) lost to Richard Peperell (2) +26
David Fuller (-1.5) beat Richard Coward (10) +14
Chris Weedon (4) beat Kenny Weir (16) +22
Alan Jones (6) lost to Matthew Miles-Griffiths (20) +14

Sussex County beat Woking 4-3

by Liz Farrow at Sussex County [^]
2nd May (GC - Inter-Club)

Town Michael & Biggs Malcolm beat Brooks Richard & Farrow Liz 7-4, 7-4

1 Merrington Chrissie beat Harvey Nick 5-7, 7-5, 7-5
2 Aikens Brian beat Dutton Andrew 7-1, 4-7, 7-6
3 Town Michael beat Brooks Richard 7-6, 7-6
4 Farrow Liz beat Biggs Malcolm 7-4, 7-1
5 Aikens Brian beat Harvey Nick 7-4, 7-4
6 Merrington Chrissie beat Dutton Andrew 5-7, 7-2, 2-7

Watford lost to Nottingham 3-4

by Ian Burridge at Watford [^]
1 May 2024 (GC - Inter-Club)

This match was played on Wednesday May 1st at Watford. Nottingham won 4-3. Detailed results can be found at

Penrith beat Tyneside 4-3

by John Henderson at Penrith [^]
1st May (AC - Longman Cup)

James Galpin selected for GC Worlds

by Chris Clarke at Chesapeake Bay USA [^]
30th April (World Championship)

Following the withdrawal of Nick Archer, James Galpin has been selected for an England Member place at the October GC Worlds in the USA.

Chris Clarke

Chair of GCSC

Bristol beat Surbiton 4-1

by Dave Kibble at Blewbury [^]
28 Apr 2024 (AC - Inter-Club)

David Goacher and Dave Kibble beat Stephen Mulliner and Nick Parish +6
Richard M Smith beat Alison Maugham +15

Dave Kibble beat Stephen Mulliner +26
David Goacher lost to Alison Maugham -17tp
Richard M Smith beat Nick Parish +15

We chose a neutral venue mid-way between our clubs partly due to a
difference of opinion about who should be the home team - Bristol
having played several finals against Surbiton at the "neutral" venue
of Surbiton. ACTC need to look at this issue.

Blewbury's lawns were waterlogged at 8am after 25mm of rain overnight,
but by 0930, when play was scheduled to begin, they were not only
playable but lovely to play on, if only the weather had been warmer
rather than blowing a freezing wind through our very bones we'd have
had a great day's croquet. Surbiton had to cancel their tournament in
progress because of standing water looking like lakes!

All games were early-season scrappy, some more than others, though
Alison's TP never looked like breaking down. Dave turned down the big
shots against Stephen that would have got a standard TP but the
delayed TP was going well until it reduced to a straight double and
the Rover peel stuck to one side of the jaws, but was posthumously
rush peeled and an OSL constructed as the peg was out of sight.

Chester lost to Bury 2-5

by David Guyton at Chester [^]
27 Apr 2024 (AC - Longman Cup)

Longman Trophy: Chester v Bury at Chester, Saturday, 27 April 2024

Bury beat Chester 5 - 2

Chester names first

David Guyton (4.5) & Andy Wilson-Chalon (16) lost to Tony Phillips (4.5) & Chris Alvey (8) -1 on time 17-18
David Boyd (5) lost to Anne Alvey (11) -3 on time 9-12
Brian Walton (7) lost to Roger Schofield (6) -12 on time 9-21

David Guyton (4.5) lost to Tony Phillips (4.5) -4 on time 14-18
David Boyd (5) beat Roger Schofield (6) +1 on time
Brian Walton (7) beat Chris Alvey (8) +3 peg out 26-23
Andy Wilson-Chalon (16) lost to Anne Alvey (11) -1 on time 12-13

Phyllis Court beat Surbiton 5-2

by Christopher Roberts at Phyllis Court [^]
26 Apr 2024 (GC - Inter-Club)

Phyllis Court names first:

Chris Roberts & Ian Norris lost to Spephen Mulliner 4-7, 5-7

Roger Goldring beat Gavin Taylor ......... 7-3, 7-2

Rick Lilley beat Martin Burger .............. 7-0, 7-3

Chris Roberts lots to Stephen Mulliner .. 4-7, 5-7

Ian Norris beat Alison Maugham .......... 7-5, 2-7, 7-5

Roger Goldring beat Martin Burger ....... 7-4, 7-5

Rick Lilley beat Gavin Taylor ................ 7-1, 7-4

Phyllis Court beat Ealing 5-2

by Christopher Roberts at Ealing [^]
25 Apr 2024 (GC - Inter-Club Shield)

Phyllis Court completed convincing win at Ealing on a bitterly cold, and eventually, rainy day today.
The Inter-Club 'Murphy' Shield is the second tier national knock-out competition and is restricted by handicap, with teams permitted to field one player who has a handicap of 1, the other players must have higher handicaps and the team total must be 8+.
In the morning session, Ealing got off to a good and fast start when Simon Turner brushed aside Phyllis Court's Alastair Broom 0-7, 2-7, but parity was soon restored by the visitors Andy Jones victory victory over Jane Powell 7-2, 7-3.
Not surprisingly, the doubles match between players 1 & 2 from each team, was a much longer and closer run affair with most hoops well contested, as both sides took to long, and usually unsuccessful hoop shots, instead of more patient closer positioning.
After more than two hours, Phyllis Court's Rick Lilley and Mike Fensome defeated Ealing's Charlie Sale and Bridget Goodman 7-4, 7-4.
Ealing provided a lovely salad lunch over which the players and three visiting Phyllis Court supporters, President Frances Colman, Chairman Patricia Mulcahy and your author Chris Roberts, mused over the likely afternoon results from the position of a 2-1 lead held by Phyllis Court.
The match looked as if it would being settled in the bottom-half head to head games between the number 3 & 4 players which looked hard to call.
Phyllis Court's Jones had a close first game 7-5 win over Turner and then got well ahead early in the second game to win more easily 7-3, and, with the two senior matches progressing more slowly, eyes fell on the number 4 rubber where both Broom and Powell where hoping to recover from their morning woes.
Broom upped his game the better and must have been delighted to bounce back to win 7-3, 7-3, and in doing so brought home the fixture-winning fourth victory for Phyllis Court.
In the other two head-to-head matches, Lilley and Fensome both won their first games 7-3 and 7-2, but lost the seconds 5-7 and 6-7 to Sale and Goodman respectively, before the rain got heavier and both 'dead' matches were agreed as 'halves'.

A digest of the results is available on Croquet Scores.

Phyllis Court play Hurlingham (away) in the next round on a date yet to be decided.

Match results - Phyllis Court names first:

Rick Lilley (1) & Mike Fensome (2) beat Charlie Sale (1) & Bridget Goodman (2) .. 4-7, 4-7

Alastair Broom (6) lost to Simon Turner (3) ............ 0-7, 2-7

Andy Jones (2) beat Jane Powell (4) ...................... 7-2, 7-3

Rick Lilley (1) drew with Charlie Sale (1) ................ 7-3, 5-7

Mike Fensome (2) drew with Bridget Goodman (2) .. 7-2, 6-7

Andy Jones (2) beat Simon Turner (3) ................... 7-5, 7-3

Alastair Broom (6) beat Jane Powell (4) ................. 7-3, 7-3

High Wycombe beat East Dorset 4-3

by Mike Porter at High Wycombe [^]
25 Apr 2024 (AC - Mary Rose)

25th April at High Wycombe

(HW names first)
Geoff Johnson and David Cotton beat Chris Weedon and David Williams +1(t)
Hugh Manson beat Alan Jones +3(t)
Robin Morrison lost to Steve Leonard -2(t)

Geoff Johnson lost to Chris Weedon -17(t)
David Cotton beat David Williams +5(t)
Hugh Manson lost to Steve Leonard -21
Robin Morrison beat Alan Jones +3(t)

Wrest Park beat Letchworth 6-1

by Tim Brewer at Wrest Park [^]
26 Apr 2024 (AC - Longman Cup)

Wrest Park beat Letchworth 6 - 1 at Wrest Park in the Longman Cup

Longman Cup 26th April 2024

Peter Rothwell & Ross Bagni beat Stuart Haggett & David Clancy +5(t)
David Woolley beat Colin Davis +20
Tim Nurse lost Robert Skeen -2(t)

Peter Rothwell beat Robert Skeen +21
Tim Nurse beat Colin Davis +1
David Woolley beat Stuart Haggett +24
Ross Bagni beat David Clancy +11

Croquet Durham beat Pendle 4-3

by Nigel Martin at Durham [^]
25 Apr 2024 (GC - Inter-Club Shield)

1 CARPENTER Andrew & beat DIXON Libby & 7 4
1 CARPENTER Andrew & beat DIXON Libby & 7 6

2 MARTIN Nigel beat WIDDISON Andrea 7 1
2 MARTIN Nigel beat WIDDISON Andrea 7 2

3 BRADBURY Mike beat CANSINO George 7 3
3 BRADBURY Mike beat CANSINO George 7 5

4 DOWDALL Paul beat STEADMAN William 7 6
4 STEADMAN William beat DOWDALL Paul 7 4
4 DOWDALL Paul beat STEADMAN William 7 5

5 CARPENTER Andrew beat DIXON Libby 7 3
5 CARPENTER Andrew beat DIXON Libby 7 5

6 MARTIN Nigel beat BRADBURY Mike 7 6
6 MARTIN Nigel beat BRADBURY Mike 7 4

7 WIDDISON Andrea beat CANSINO George 7 5
7 WIDDISON Andrea beat CANSINO George 7 4


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