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ECR European GC Championships 26th to 29th May 2022 at Budleigh Salterton

by Lionel Tibble [^]
20th January (International)

Due to the early closing date of 21st February 2022 for this event, players are invited to promptly make their availability known via the CA on line entry system when it goes live in early February.
England will receive 3 membership places together with a number of ranking places.
Lionel Tibble
Chairman GC Selectors

IPDG GC Elite and development squad invitations

by Lionel Tibble [^]
19 Jan 2022 (GC)

Following deliberations by the CA GC Selection Committee the players listed below have accepted an invitation to join the 2022 IPDG GC development squad;
Rick Lilley
Glynis Davies
Tony Butcher
Tim Crowdy
Jonathan Claxton

Also, Jack Good has accepted an invitation to join the Elite squad.

Congratulation to you all.

Lionel Tibble
Director IPDG GC

Quarterly Country Rankings

by Debbie Lines [^]
14th January (Other News)

The quarterly country rankings as at 31.12.21 are now published on the WCF website.

Opening Doors on Croquet - asking the tricky questions

by Paul Brown [^]
13th January (Other News)

Could your club do with help to engage your members in a dialogue on the tricky topic of "How welcoming is our club?"

Here is a set of questions that a club can ask of its committee and wider membership to start that conversation. There are no right or wrong answers, and no requirement to share the answers outside of your club. You may find it easier to have the discussion led by a facilitator - check to see if you have a club member with that experience.

  1. How would you describe the mix of members in your club? Would a change in this mix improve you club to everyone's benefit? What would that change look like? (e.g. more younger members to share the club tasks such as lawn maintenance and administration).
  1. Following on from the last question; to what extent does your membership reflect your local community. (e.g. younger people, people with disabilities, people from ethnic backgrounds, people who are LGBTQ).
  1. List the advantages you see of having a more diverse membership but also any disadvantages of the make-up of your current membership.
  1. Describe your current recruitment process (aims, goals, and methods) and how (or indeed if) it considers the answers to the previous questions.
  1. Discuss the extent to which your club website and publicity material promote a welcoming and inclusive approach to croquet? (e.g. could your photos do with updating to show that croquet is open to all?).
  1. When new members join who may have diverse needs to the current membership how do you ensure that they feel welcome? (e.g. people with visual impairment or learning disabilities).
  1. How are new members introduced into your club from both the playing and social perspectives?
  1. How are inexperienced players coached and how is the success of coaching assessed and how is coaching developed?
  1. What value do you see in exploring these ideas further by linking up with other clubs?
  1. Describe any practical support with any of the issues raised by these questions from which your club will benefit (e.g. further training in social media, access to photos)? If so, what do you see these needs to be?

Further Information: The CA runs a scheme called "Croquet Matters" which allows clubs to analyse their current position in a number of areas and then create development plans. Participants discuss stem questions and categorise their answer to each. e.g.

  1. Does your club have a plan for identifying, engaging and working with local organisations?
  2. Would you describe your club as inclusive?
  3. Does your club understand all the different marketing options available to promote your club? Do you adapt your communication method for your target audience?

Clubs wanting to use Croquet Matters to further discuss these, or other topics, should contact their Federation Development Officer.

"Opening Doors on Croquet" Competition


by Paul Brown [^]
13th January (Other News)

The Croquet Association has launched a competition for member croquet clubs to win a share of £3,000; with a maximum prize of £500 per club.

We want to support new initiatives to welcome new members, especially those that that will attract people from diverse groups within your community to join your club.

For example, perhaps you plan regular sessions for university students or school pupils, to engage with local faith or community groups to arrange a taster day for their members, to make access easier for people with disabilities, to change your website or to buy a new promotional banner for your club. Maybe you plan a scheme to make all new members, from wherever they arrive, feel more included and welcome.

But whatever you plan, the prize money must be spent on an initiative to make your club more welcoming.

Winners must provide an article with photographs for The Croquet Gazette or e-newsletter on completion of their project setting out what they have achieved and learned.

The deadline for applications is May 31st, 2022 and since the purpose of this scheme is to encourage new initiatives, prizes will not be awarded for any expenditure or commitments made before 2022 (even though we know some clubs have already done great things).

Applications will be judged on merit and in competition with other applications. It is probable that not all applicants will be successful.

Payments will be made soon after the winners are selected and will be made only into the bank account of a member croquet club

Judging Criteria

The judging panel will look for initiatives that are intended to reach out to communities and individuals that are not currently well represented among a club's membership. We hope to see innovation and novel approaches, but these are not essential factors.

How to apply:

Send an e mail to that includes the following:

  1. The name of your croquet club
  2. A contact person, along with their e-mail address and phone number.
  3. The name of the club Chair and confirmation that they support the entry.
  4. The name of the person who will provide the article for publication.

And, in no more than 500 words:

A description of the initiative, how you expect it to make your club more welcoming, what you hope to achieve and how you will measure success. This must include a timetable and brief details of the proposed expenditure. There is no requirement to supplement the grant with club funds, but you should mention this if this is the case. You can apply for up to £500 in prize money to support your initiative.

Entries will be accepted where expenditure or commitments have been made prior to submission of the initiative, provided these were made in 2022. Applicants should not assume their application will be successful.

Paul Brown

Director for Development and Executive Vice-Chair

Queen's Platinum Jubilee Activity Fund

by Beatrice McGlen [^]
12th January (Other News)

A £5 million fund was launched on 10th January 2022 by Sport England and the National Lottery, with the aim of using sport and physical activity to bring communities together.

If you have an idea to bring croquet to groups in your community, particularly those who may be not be very active and who are from more disadvantaged areas, then awards of between £300 and £10,000 are available.

For more details go to Queen's Platinum Jubilee Activity Fund launched | Sport England

Stephen Mulliner won the Dulwich President's Selection

picturePlayers at the Dulwich President's Selection 2022

by Guy Scurfield at Dulwich [^]
10th January (GC)

After a year off, the 7th running of the President's took place over the weekend of 8/9th Jan 2022 at Dulwich Croquet Club.

Dulwich Guests

Guy Scurfield Andrew Hobbs

John Spiers Aston Wade

Jonny Claxton Howard Cheyne

Andrew Dymond Lionel Tibble

Pierre Beaudry Nick Cheyne

Simon Carter Stephen Mulliner


Day 1

As in previous years, visitors from across the country came to Dulwich to play in a, "faintly mad to attempt" weekend event in January. The focus being on having fun, meeting new people and some fierce competition along the way (combined handicaps of over -30), playing for the Christopher Robin Cup. Aston, Andrew and Stephen's first time at the event.

A round robin cross block format, Dulwich vs Visitors in single 13-point games

A rather wet and dank day greeted us, so we were looking to get 3 rounds in before the rain really took over. Players got on with it, and with the lawns in excellent condition, great shots were seen everywhere; 4 rounds were completed before lunch. At which point 2 of the 3 lawns were under water…

A hearty lunch was had by all, with time to reflect and decide what to do in the afternoon. However, the rain eased up, and allowed round 5 to be played, in rotation on the upper lawn 3, and by close of play (darkness had fallen) there was one match left to complete of the 5th round.

Day 2

A beautiful day, a huge contrast from the dire weather played through on Day 1.

Round 5 and 6 completed in quick order, which allowed semi finals to be held - best of 3, 7 point matches (in block) with the unorthodox start (looking to remove the first shot advantage).

Pierre vs Simon 4-3, 4-2

Stephen vs Andrew H 4-2, 4-3

In the meantime, the rest of the players took part in a knockout plate event, consisting of single 9 point games, with Aston prevailing over Jonny in the final as lunch approached.

Lunch, a excellent BBQ of steak and sausages, joined by 20/25 spectators.

Post lunch, the final between Pierre and Stephen. Pierre had beaten Stephen 7-1 in the round robin, one could feel Stephen gearing up for revenge….

A cagey first game, back and forth, with some phenomenal clearances Stephen won 7-5….

Game 2 saw some uncharacteristic errors from Pierre, Stephen getting out to a 6-3 lead followed by an almighty tussle at hoop 10, with both players missing multiple opportunities to run the hoop, clearly the nerves were getting to them both. Understandable, given the magnitude of the event and the slightly partisan crowd cheering on.

Pierre eventually got hoop 10, but Stephen got his hoop running back together and won game 2, 7-4.

  • 1st - Stephen - Christopher Robin trophy, £150, Simon Carter cufflinks, bottle of malt whiskey & years membership to DCC
  • 2nd - Pierre - £50, Simon Carter Cufflinks & a bottle of brandy
  • 3rd - Andrew Hobbs - Bottle of brandy
  • Plate winner - Aston Wade - trophy and bottle of brandy

A brilliant weekend, much enjoyed by players and spectators alike, and all very happy that the sun came out on Sunday..

Thanks everyone for being a part of it…

2022 Golf Croquet World Championship 30th July - 7th August 2022 - Invitation to participate

by Lionel Tibble [^]
7th January (International)

The 2022 GC WCF world championships will take place at Sussex CC between 30th July and 7th August 2022 preceded by the qualifier at Compton CC 25th to 28th July.

Aspiring England competitors should make their availability known via the on line availability system before entries close on the 3rd March. Apart from the allocation of Membership and Ranking places, a number of additional places can be contested for via the qualifier allowing unsuccessful applicants another chance to take part.

In addition, the GC Selection Committee is entitled to nominate an available player for a Wild Card Place who, in their opinion, satisfies the criterion set out in paragraph 2.1.1 of Appendix 3 of the WCF Sports Regulations, namely is a young player or a player showing exceptional promise of future development.

If you are a young developing player this may be your opportunity so don't get left out!

Northampton Croquet Club Crowdfunder Appeal

by Lionel Tibble at Northampton [^]
31st December 2021 (Other News)

You may be aware that Northampton Croquet Club intends to relocate to new grounds in 2022 at Roade village, building 2 new lawns in the short term and expanding to 4 within a few more years. Take a look at the video and information on the link and you will find out more about our development plans.

To do this we have launched a crowdfunding appeal, just click on the link above and check out the video.

The key element of the appeal is to register the support of more than 100 donors, the money obviously helps and there are contingencies we can invoke if necessary to reach our target sum, but the priority is to reach out to 100 or more people prepared to help with a donation of as little as £2.

The crowdfunding is arranged via Sport England who will double what we raise if we reach our target and demonstrate through the donations that 100 or more people support our efforts.

You may feel that the most suitable way to support us is by clicking on the 'supporter's lawn square' option in which case your donation will be recorded and recognised in the form of your name appearing on a virtual lawn square linked to our club website page

The virtual representation will be turned into an actual representation and placed in pride of place in our clubhouse of the future.

Alternatively, if you wish to donate anonymously there is the facility to do that as well.

If you are a UK tax payer our charity status will allow us to claim gift aid on your donation as well so please complete that section if it applies to you.

New Handicap Calculator Tool Available

by Debbie Lines [^]
23rd December 2021 (Other News)

The WCF is pleased to share a new Handicap Calculator tool, created with our thanks by Brian Wainman.

It can be accessed via the WCF website Global Resources page: or by following this link:

We believe that this will work in most Member countries, but it does assume that you are using the same handicapping system as in the UK. Assuming it works in your region, we invite you to share this with your Members.

Changes for the 2022 Season

by Brian Havill [^]
23rd December 2021 (AC)

At the end of year meeting of the AC Tournament Committee (ACTC), various matters put forward by the Competitive Play Working Group (CPWG) were considered.

We will report further in future gazettes / newsletters but note below changes with regards to our top AC events for 2022 - in particular with regards to advanced / super advanced.

The CPWG asked that in the lead up to the WCF's November 2022 World Team Championships (the MacRobertson Shield) and the WCF's July 2023 World Championships, we play more of the format played in WCF events (i.e. advanced rather than super advanced).

ACTC has agreed that super advanced will not be mandated in any of its events in 2022. This means that super advanced will only be played when both players agree to play super advanced. This will result in many more matches being played as advanced, particularly at events where Mac players are in attendance.

Brian Havill

Chair of ACTC

Croquet Association Office and Shop Christmas and New Year Hours

by Mark Suter [CA Operations Manager] [^]
22nd December 2021 (CA Official News)

The office and shop will be open as normal until 1.30 pm on Friday 24th December.

They will reopen at 9 am Wednesday 29th December and close at 4:30 pm Friday 31st December.

Both the shop and office will be closed on Mon 3rd January and reopen at 9 am Tuesday 4th January.

The online shop will remain open 24/7 but all orders placed after 11 am on 24th December will be processed on Tuesday 4th January.

We wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

From Mark, Mandy & James.

Report of December Council meeting

by Patricia Duke-Cox [^]
18.12.2021 (CA Official News)

The meeting was conducted using Zoom to consider the reports from the Executive Board followed by the important issues of approving the budget and considering the legal status of the Croquet Association. Time at the end gave the opportunity to hear the initial steps taken to review the subject of evaluating and monitoring how the CA operates.


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