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Tournament Winners

Awards and Medals

  • Council Medal - Awarded from time to time in recognition of outstanding services to croquet
  • CA Diplomas - Awards recognising outstanding club members
  • Club Awards - Awards recognising clubs that have made exceptional progress in providing a good playing environment over the previous two years
  • Silver Medal - Awarded the first time a player reaches an advanced stage of a sizeable first-class level event
  • CA Merit Awards - Awards recognising improvement in play and encouraging enterprising play
  • Most Improved Players - Most improved AC man, AC woman, and GC player
  • Coach of the Year - Awarded by the Coaching committee
  • Lifetime Coaching Awards - Awarded by the Coaching committee

News Archive and the Croquet Gazette

Site Archives

The Site Archives are partial copies of this site and full archives of significant related sites (World Championships and MacRobertson Shields).


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